Here you can download our standard ink color swatch library to be used within Illustrator! With this file, you can easily load all of our standard ink colors into Illustrator to make designing your artwork for screen printing much easier. Not sure how to install it? Check out detailed instructions below!

Step 1: Open “Swatches” window
Navigate to the top of the screen and select WINDOW>SWATCHES. A new color palette will now show on screen.


Step 2: Clear out all colors
Your color palette may already be loaded with colors by default. If so, just select all of the colors and click the TRASH CAN icon to clear them out.
*NOTE: you will not be able to delete the [Registration] swatch but that should not cause any issues.


Step 3: Load new swatches
Once all colors are cleared out, click the top right-hand menu arrow and highlight “OPEN SWATCH LIBRARY.” Click “OTHER LIBRARY” at the very bottom. Select the downloaded file and a new color palette will pop up loaded with all of our standard ink colors!



Step 4: That’s it!
You can now easily use our standard ink colors within your design! Of course we do offer custom PMS color matching as well but that incurs additional fees. To keep cost as low as possible, we highly recommend using our standard ink colors instead.